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Get Professional Garage Door Repair, Installation And Maintenance Services In Alvin Texas

Garage Door Repair Alvin TX – At Your Service

Are you experiencing trouble with your old garage door? Do you hear those weird creaking sounds as your garage door opens or closes? Does your garage door open at a very slow pace and closes even more slowly? Then worry no more because our garage door company, the Grand Garage Door, is in Alvin, Texas. We are ready to serve the residents of Alvin and the surrounding areas.

We can solve all types of garage door problems for you, whether your garage door is for repair, replacement, upgrading, or maintenance, or if you need an entirely new door for installation. We have the necessary equipment, the technical know-how, the trained personnel, and a wide array of garage door products from which you may choose.

A garage door is not only important for providing security to your vehicle and home. It is also an enhancing frontage to your home or property. Many homeowners prefer to customize their garage doors in order to give their home frontage a better looking appearance that will enhance their image. Our company for garage doors Alvin TX has all the necessary items for the task of customizing your garage door to make it match the design of your home or building. We also have the expert technicians who have the training and skills to customize your garage door to suit your preferences.

Customer Satisfaction

Your garage door should be good-looking and functioning in top condition. At the same time, it is made that way through affordable rates that you, the homeowner, can avail of. At Grand Garage Door, we know that customers prefer the least expensive costs of garage door services and maintenance but still opt for top-quality work and long-lasting products of the best brands. We also have the best security options to tie up with the home security systems, which add to the protection of your home.

We believe that a contented and satisfied customer is an asset in our business. We strive to maintain our customer support service and try to make our customers happy as they are the best advertisers of our company. A happy customer would gladly recommend us to other people because we deserve to be recommended and we truly serve with our best efforts and products. Our reputation gets ahead of us.

Our company for Garage Door Repair Alvin is the company to choose when you want personnel who are respectful and who know how to establish rapport with the customers. We offer customer support assistance for all of you, at all hours during the week and even on weekends. We value the customer and the area where we do our business. We are concerned with the well-being of the people in Alvin, TX because we treat you as our partners in our business. Without you, we are nothing.

What we do

Our Great Services In Alvin Texas


Our new installation service include a complete quality installation of a big range of premium garage doors and parts.


We work with all the different garage door brands and have the tools and products to ensure that your garage works properly.

Still not convinced? Here is another one:


A professional garage door company like us can handle your garage door maintenance properly and your worries be gone.

Our Core Values 

We value integrity, honesty, excellence, and the dignity of human labor. We uphold the potential of everyone in our staff and we respect the ability of each one to achieve the optimum development a human being can reach.

We cultivate the trust and confidence of our customers as the security of the garage is tantamount to the security of the home. We are a trusted company. Our customers have proven to themselves that they can leave us alone working in their home or garage.

We are more interested in rendering the excellent service for which we are popular rather than getting more profits and additional income. Our prices are reasonable and affordable for the average-income families who are mostly our customers

Our employees in our company for garage doors Alvin are always honest and trustworthy. They know how to deal with difficult customers, having been told that the customer is a partner in our business. In matters of technology, our technicians are always right. With their expertise, they will give the customers their honest opinions about the real situations involved in their garage door safety and function.

We advice the customers on what to do and teach them simple fixes to do to their garage doors. To avoid undue malfunctions and breakdowns, we teach them to take care of their garage doors on their own, as there may be a lot of minor causes for a garage door to get out of hand.

Client Expectations

We have all the modern equipment and the latest technological knowledge that are necessary to best serve our customers and ensure them of safety through their garage doors. We provide all the basic services for the proper functioning of your garage doors. We have all the items and accessories for the enhancement and customization of various garage door models.

Our customers need not worry over the lack of security in their homes. Our garage doors can be connected to all types of home security systems by means of sensors. We also have the alarms, lights, switches, detectors, locks, timers, and other items that are used to optimize the sensitivity of a multi-layered alarm mechanism

When you call our customer support desk, the staff will get your information and send the team of technicians to your home. They will bring with them the needed tools and products to do the work with speed and expertise. Ask for their identification card and special job order with your personal specifications. You may also ask for their technician’s license and training certificates. They are supposed to wear the company uniforms and come in the company car.

At our company for garage door repair Alvin, our products are of top- of-the–line quality and our suppliers are the best in the market. We have the new automatic garage door openers, which will not require the car driver to get out of his car to open the garage. This dangerous practice is now obsolete with our new gadgets. We have all types of access control entry; like telephone call entries, fingerprint locks, key cards; and access key pads. We are a one-stop shop for your garage door issues.

What our customers say

“I really loved the way you worked and my garage door was fixed and was operating smooth as it never was!”

Jane Smith

My garage door didn’t open early morning and I need an immediate fix to the problem. You really professional Company! Thanks”

John Brown

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